BEASTRON Portable Rechargeable Outdoor LED Lantern / Collapsible Design / Perfect for Camping, Daily Use, Emergencies, Hurricanes / 4400mAh USB Power Bank

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  • RECHARGEABLE AND LONG OPEARTION TIME - Confidently go camping, hiking and prepared for emergency. Once it is fully charged, you can use it at Brightest up to 11 hours, Regular, 15 hours and Red for 19 hours. So no bother to charge it every time after use
  • BRILLIANT 4 LIGHT MODES BRIGHTENS 360 DEGREE - Super bright of 185 lumens brightens a room or 4 person tent, Dim for a nice chat or reading at night, and Red for night vision without any disturbance, while Flashing Red offers easy visual alerting from far distances
  • NEVER LEFT WITHOUT POWER - The 5200mAh Power Bank with USB charge cable (included) charges phones, tablets, or any other devices with universal micro-USB connection.
  • WATER RESISTANT AND COMPACT - IPX5 water resistant features it is an outdoor boy; Smart collapssible design to shut it off and pack like a small coffee cup in your bag
  • 2 COLORS & 4 MODES OF LIGHTING: 15 white LEDs and 6 Red LEDs. General White for general lighting, Dim white for sleep time, Red general for notice or caution sign, and Flashing Red for emergency alarm and asking for help.

Brilliant Energy Efficient

Portable Outdoor LED Lantern. It features an omni-directional design and 30 energy saving LED bulbs, yielding 360 degree of high-intensity, long-lasting illuminance. The low power consumption allows you to keep the lantern a glow in regular brightness for up to 12 hours. When the battery power of the lantern runs low, the brightness will dim to an energy saving mode to provide longer lasting illumination (up to 4 hours of low power usage)

The lamp is collapsible and portable, offering you convenience when you need it most. It is designed for easy storage, promising reliability should you need it for emergencies such as a power outage. The lantern also has a lightweight, durable build for any outdoor adventure you may go on, produced from military grade plastic. The trusty foldaway handles allow you to carry the lantern by hand with ease, or suspend it above to brighten up your campsite. Otherwise, it can be placed soundly on any flat surface.


  • Uses white-light emitting diodes emitting high intensity white light
  • Omni directional 360 degree light emitting design
  • 30 low-current consuming, yet bright and durable LEDs designed to save battery life and prolong usage Over 12 Hours of continuous
  • operation (Depends on mAh rating of battery used. Brightness will diminish over time)


  • Lumen: 60LM
  • Product Weight: 9.14 oz
  • Battery: 6 AA 1.5 V batteries
  • 4.9" X 3.5" (When fully collapsed and handles placed on either sides)
  • 7.3" X 3.5" (Fully stretched and handles placed on either sides)
  • 10" X 3.5" (Fully stretched and handles in upright position)

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Super Bright Collapsible LED Camping Lantern
  • 6 x AA 1.5 V DC Battery
  • 1x User Manual
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